Thursday, December 29, 2011

A new endeavor

I've begun studying to be a professional French-English translator. While looking up translations online, I met a super nice French guy who invited me to participate in the creation of this website: Online Paris Tour.

Online Paris Tour is a free website that guides you step by step through the streets and metro stations of Paris using real photos with red circles and arrows drawn on them to show you exactly where to go as you follow your friendly tour guide Thibaut’s pointers along the way to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Latin Quarter and more. Interesting historical facts and practical advice are offered along the way, but the main draw of this site are the clear directions which ensure that you will never get lost, even if you have no knowledge of French or the city, so long as you have an internet connection or a device loaded up with the Online Paris Tour e-book. People who were considering paying for a guided tour or tour bus can save money by using this site instead. Those who were planning to wing it and count on their GPS or maps will find that navigating Paris' subway system with Thibaut at your side is much simpler!

Soon, other tours of the lesser-known gems of Paris will be posted, allowing for a more customized tourist experience. You can read more about it here.

If you know anyone planning a trip to Paris, have them check it out. : )

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have exciting news!      (français ci-dessous)

You may have been wondering about the identity of Alexandra and her band. Well, of course you have! This information was always kept secret in order to prevent the private things that Alex wrote in her letters to Margaret from being associated with her professional life.

Here's the news: we've taken the decision together to stop publishing our correspondence, and instead focus on doing our best to get the message out about the band's new direction.

Alex's band, One Fate (formerly Beyon-D-Lusion) is now on MyMajorCompany. You can listen to two of their most recent songs here. You'll see that they're just fantastic. Alex has an incredible voice and amazing songwriting talent. And just wait 'till you hear 'Dreds' on the guitar ! Wow...

If you want to get involved in the development of the band, you can choose to support them by 'betting'  on their future success. If they collect enough fans, they will be eligible to be produced professionally by the company, and everyone who bet on them will get their money back and more! Each supporter means a lot, particularly at this stage of the game. Please sign up, and share the link with any of your friends and family members who might be interested.

You can also go to their MySpace page to hear (and download!) some of the fabulous songs from their previous albums.

Des nouvelles excitantes !

Vous vous posiez peut-être des questions quant à l'identité d'Alexandra et son groupe. Bien sûr ! On gardait ces infos secrètes afin de ne pas créer un lien entre les choses privées qu'Alex a écrit dans ses lettres à Margaret et sa vie professionnelle.

Voici les nouvelles: nous avons pris la décision ensemble pour arrêter la publication de notre correspondance, et plutôt se concentrer sur faire de notre mieux pour faire passer le message au sujet la nouvelle orientation du groupe.

Le groupe, d'Alex, One Fate (anciennement Beyon-D-Lusion) est maintenant sur MyMajorCompany. Vous pouvez écouter deux de leurs chansons les plus récentes ici. Vous verrez qu'elles sont tout simplement fantastiques. Alex a une voix incroyable et un talent étonnant en composition. Et n'avez-vous pas hâte d'entendre «Dreds» sur la guitare ? Wow !

Si vous voulez vous impliquer dans le développement du groupe, vous pouvez choisir de les soutenir par «miser» sur leur réussite future. S'ils recueillent assez de fans, ils seront admissibles à être produites professionnellement par l'entreprise, et tous ceux qui ont parié sur eux récupéreront leur argent et plus encore! S'il vous plaît, inscrivez-vous en tant que producteurs, et partagez le lien avec vos amis et vos familles.

Vous pouvez aussi visiter leur page MySpace pour écouter (et télécharger!) quelques unes des chansons fabuleuses de leurs albums précédents.

Encore plus de nouvelles à venir....